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Special Treats are based close to Wexford town, and hire Chocolate Fountains, Ferrero Rocher Pyramids, Popcorn Carts and Cocktail/Champagne Fountains to make your wedding an even more memorable occasion.


A Chocolate Fountain is an unforgettable conversation piece, which your guests will talk about for months, and even years to come.


When operating it looks like a tiered cake, with melted chocolate cascading from each layer.


Dipping your favorite fruit or other goodies into a Chocolate Fountain is not only delicious, but entertaining as well.


We fill our chocolate fountains with only the finest premium Belgian Chocolate, and offer the choice of a small 28" Fountain for small weddings up to 60 guests, a medium sized 34” fountain for up to 120 guests, or our large 44” Chocolate Fountain for bigger weddings.


How about something different?  Special Treats are delighted to announce the arrival of our new cocktail fountain.


We also rent Ferrero Rocher Pyramids. Choose a round or Square stand (both 16 tiers high).


Our chic steel illuminated fountain is perfect for serving cocktails, red wine and fruit punches, adding a touch of finesse to your wedding.


Bring some fun to your wedding, by serving your guests freshly made popcorn from our popcorn cart. The delicious aroma is something your guests won’t be able to resist.


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