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Grace Murphy is a fully qualified florist and can advise you on the particular flowers or scents that would suit your occasion.


If you want a particular type of flower we can advise you on whether it will be in season at the time of year that you want it.


All our flowers are delivered fresh and stored in a cool place, so the blooms last longer and you get maximum enjoyment from them.


Wedding flower arrangements offered at Flowers By Grace include bridal bouquets, bridesmaids’ bouquets, flower girls' posy or flower girls' basket, and wedding centrepieces.


Fresh flowers for weddings are always in great demand, from carnations for button holes, to single orchids or bridal roses; flowers for the church and bouquets for the mothers.


If you would like a bridal package, we can cater for that.

Our bridal package includes:


- Bridal bouquet
- Bridesmaid bouquets
- Groom’s double buttonhole
- Groomsmen buttonholes
- Father's buttonholes
- Mother's pin corsages
- Altar top arrangement, which can be used as a top table arrangement at your reception
- Pedestal arrangements for the church
- Pew ribbon bows
- Decorative Rose or Bay trees at the church entrance, with ribbon to complement your colour scheme.


We have ample free parking, and are available to meet you in the evenings or weekends if standard business hours don't suit you.


We accept credit / debit card, cash or cheque.

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